We sell the full Rib Range:

Rib 460

This rib has been designed to suit the practical use of ribs by sailing clubs and schools. It is a dry and stable rib that can be use for coaching and safety purposes. It handles more like a 5.5m rib but is compact enough to fit in a garage. Easy to launch on a launching trolley by two people. Easy to tow behind a small family car and does not need a braked trailer.

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Rib 540
This popular sporty rib has been designed to be versatile and economical. Suitable for the everyday rib user in the pleasure, dive, and rescue rib markets. This rib can deliver performance with stability and safety. It is small enough to tow behind the average family car and not need a braked trailer. Roomy enough to allow 4 divers and driver plus equipment to use comfortably.

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Rib 585

This rib is an excellent first time rib. The rib is narrower that the SR600 and so it will really make a difference if space is an issue.

Being slightly smaller it is easy to tow and can be stored in a standard sized garage.
The rib still has the same pedigree as the other Ribs and does not compromise on its performance or handling abilities.

It performs above average for a rib of its size with speeds of 35 mph(F60hp) to 45mph (F75hp).

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Rib 600

The 6m Rib is ideal for anyone looking for a larger boat that will give excellent performance within a realistic budget.

The deep V hull allows the rib to perform well at speed (up to 45mph), giving both performance and the stability of a dry fast rib. It would also suit the smaller diving club if it was propelled by a 90hp. Designed  with a width of 8ft 2" tube to tube whilst inflated, the legal maximum width that can be towed by a private user on the British highway.

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Rib 650

The SR650 is a very popular sized rib. The Deep V hull gives the rib a stable and dry ride. A fast rib with a 150hp it can achieve speeds in excess of 50mph. Built to your own specification this ideal rib starts at £11,599 ex.

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